Just a small bit of JOGLE

On Saturday afternoon I went to visit the Cycle 2 Recovery team at their campsite near Peterborough & helped plan the route through Cambridgeshire and down to Carver Barracks at Wimbish in Essex.  It was also an opportunity to agree timings for our rendezvous for Sunday morning…

So on Sunday morning at 8.00am, I left home accompanied by Willingham Wheels’ Paul and Ken and together we headed to Huntingdon. 

From Huntingdon we travelled north into the Fens via Kings Ripton expecting to meet the guys coming south towards us at Ramsey St Mary.  There was no sign of them there so we ventured on a bit further, through Pondersbridge and finally, after riding 30 miles, we arrived in Whittlesey and found them there!  Steve muttered some excuse about rain but I think they’d just had a Sunday morning lie-in and a ‘Full English’ before they set off Winking smile

We did some introductions – as well as Steve, Brian and Lee, Brian’s son Ryan was also riding and Duncan was tasked with driving the support vehicle. We turned round and

headed back the way we had came.  The roads were reasonably smooth and straight but the typical crosswinds you find in the Fens can be a pain but they allowed all of us to make reasonable progress.

We pulled over in Huntingdon to allow Lee to take a short break (he’d been powering his hand-bike for nearly two hours without a break).  We said our goodbyes to Paul who needed to head home (we’re ridden approaching 46 miles by this point) and left Huntingdon, continued through Godmanchester and Papworth before stopping for a fantastic lunch at Caxton served by Duncan.  He treated us to a wonderful array including tea, coffee, chicken curry, sandwiches, cake and other treats.  I made a mental

note that if I ever attempt John o’Groats to Lands End then I must organised a campervan complete with support driver & chef!

Thoroughly recharged, we mounted up again and continued on through Bourn, the Eversdens, Haslingfield and Harston before moving on through Newton, Whittlesford, Duxford, Ickleton and Great Chesterford for our last stop (with just 7 miles to go).

The route from Great Chesterford became hillier as we climbed towards Saffron Walden but

Lee kept turning the crank as we headed out towards Debden and on to our final destination at Carver Barracks.

Ken and I said our goodbyes to the team as they prepared to go off and get settled in to their overnight accommodation,  get some food from the Mess and enjoy a well earned rest before they continued on to Chavasse House in Colchester on Monday.

By this time Ken and I had clicked up 86.5 miles since leaving Willingham so we headed to Newport to get the train back to Cambridge! From here it was just a short ride (stopping for a well earned beer at the Green Dragon) and we were home having completed just over 100 miles in the saddle.

It was a fantastic day out in the company of some amazing and inspirational friends.  I wish Steve, Lee, Brian and the rest of the team, all the very best for the next 15 days as they complete their journey to Lands End.

I’ll be seeing Steve again in July for the Great Kent Bike Ride which he is organising. I can’t wait!

If you’ve enjoyed reading this perhaps you can drop a few pennies into the pot for Steve and the team.  Please visit ourcycle2recovery.com and click on the link to Donate Now!

As ever, thanks for looking and hope to see you again soon…



Click on the image above for more details about my route

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